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We believe that a professional-looking web site is good for you and your company; it provokes an image of style and confidence. However, all too often we become frustrated when the website needs regularly updating and we don't have the time to do it. Long-term web design work can also prove to be costly and we often haven't got the power to change the website without going via the site administrator. A Content Management System (CMS) can overcome such problems and here at Active Web Techno we have a solution for you.

The content owner - in other words, you! - will have the ability to add an unlimited amount of extra products at no extra cost and at your own preference enabling you to take full control in a simple and effective manner. Give one of our Web Advisors a call today on 0791039892 so we can chat through your requirements and show how our Content Management Systems can help you.

So how does CMS work? Website administrators access the online admin panel through a secured access area; once logged in the administrator is able to perform updates to the website and use a number of marketing tools e.g. Mass Mailing to create monthly newsletters and much more. This way, it allows the system to be self-maintaining. Our Content Managed System allows you to :
  • Update Your Website Anytime
  • Add Unlimited Pages/Products
  • Add Images and Create Galleries
  • Send Mass Newsletters
  • Add Bespoke Functions
  • And Much, Much More....

We are able to develop your CMS in PHP or .Net Technologies, we will suggest the best option for you depending on the type of website you wish to create.

Besides the main factors of saving your time and money, CMS has other advantages :
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Ease of Use
  • Access - Simple to Update Your Website
  • Version Control
  • Security

The CMS can be used to create any of the following applications :
  • Dating Website
  • Product Catalogues
  • Site Management
  • Special Offers
  • News Page
  • Events Calendar
  • Customer Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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