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The Internet has led to globalisation of trade and expansion of business on a huge scale. Nowadays, almost every business tries to reach millions of people across the globe by making their own websites. So it does not matter whether you are a small or a big company, you can compete with others if you have a strong online presence.

These days the focus is on making the websites user-friendly. With advancements in technology, E-commerce web design has emerged as the best solution for business houses as it is flexible as well as user-friendly.

E-commerce web design is a good option because of the following reasons :
  1. You can easily upload new products of your company on the web page. It is an easy procedure and takes very less time.
  2. The prices of products that are displayed on the web page can be easily changed. As the prices of your products keep on changing according to the market trends, you can modify them on the web page as well.
  3. The payment for the products and goods can be easily done online. The website owner can directly get the payment in his account from the customer.
  4. A good e commerce website will create a positive image of your company globally and help your business grow and prosper.
  5. An e commerce website is very cost-effective and website owners can easily do business with customers worldwide.
  6. Shopping can be easily done through the Internet and hence the Web user benefits.
  7. Shopping on the Internet is very convenient for the web user as it can be easily done while sitting in the comfort of his home.
  8. Web users do not have to spend too much time while shopping on the Internet and hence it saves their time.
With so many advancements in information technology these days it has become all the more important to have a website of your company. This will add to your business and marketing strategy and consequently help in gaining profits. A website is a vital advertising tool for your business.

This means that the Web Design company you choose for designing your website is crucial. Many companies think they can design their website themselves. However it is best if web designing is left to a professional web designing company. A badly designed website can ultimately lead to loss of potential clients.

A professional web design company will have the requisite expertise in website building technology, latest design trends and knowledge about website traffic. When all these skills are put together you are bound to have an attractive and useful website.

However it is a very difficult task to choose a good web designing company from so many that are available these days. Before choosing a web design company you need to keep certain things in mind.

Firstly, decide what exactly you want from your website. You need to be clear about what are the features you require in your website so that you do not end up spending more than you are actually required to. See if you want a small website or an elaborate one. This depends on the amount of information you want to put on your website.

You also need to see if you want to update your website on a regular basis.

Website can either be a brochure about your business or it can be in a catalogue form where people can buy your products. Also, keep the interactive features like a ‘Search’ button only if required.

Prioritise the functions that you want and then go ahead with the website designing accordingly. Before going to a web design company, you should make a rough draft of the site so that you can get a precise idea of how much you will have to spend and what can be the output.
Internet has brought a revolution in the way information is dispersed to a large number of people. People can have access to any kind of information at any instant.

However, almost everyone does not have the patience to go beyond the first page of any website while searching for something on the Internet.

Therefore it is very important that your website gets a high ranking on the search engine pages.

In order to make profits in business, you must have a good online presence. And for getting a good online exposure you need to have an attractive website. At the same time it is important to hire the services of an experienced web design company that can manage the whole Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process.

A good SEO Web designing company will help you develop a strong foothold online. Such a company has a sole purpose of implementing a judicious mix of various SEO techniques in order to get your website maximum online visibility and help your e-business grow.

A website needs to be designed in a way that it is easy to navigate and has a good balance of all the design elements. There should be specific keywords, optimized content, useful link building and meta tags.

A good SEO company will provide optimum services for promoting your services and products. These services include website design and maintenance, e-commerce web development and online business consultation etc. Your online business will only be successful if the website is designed properly and it gets significant traffic.

But only a good website design will not do the work for you. A higher ranking on the search engines can be achieved only by using expert techniques and a good SEO company can help you achieve exactly this. SEO web design can really be a helpful tool for any online business and help you get huge returns on investment.
If you have just ventured into website designing and want to go in for link exchange, there are some important things that you need to know. After you have a domain name and a web hosting, you need to dwell on Link Exchange, Inbound Link аnԁ Link Popularity.

  1. Link Exchange/Reciprocal Links: Link exchange will help your website get top rankings on all the major search engines. A combination of Link Exchange and Inbound links at the same time can prove to be beneficial for your website. There are many Link Exchange programs that are available.
    However, you might have to pay for some as all of them are not free. You need to analyse your budget and business requirements to know what suits you best and then go for it.
  2. Inbound Links: It is best to go in for the type of links wherein you write and post articles on various websites. You should try to get in contact with a webmaster from a website and then see if you can persuade him to add a link of your website without you having to add a link in your website. This way you can get Inbound Links.
  3. Link Popularity: In order to make your website popular, you require a Link Exchange аnԁ/οr inbound link іn your website. Since there is too much content on the Web these days, it becomes all the more imperative that the search engines know your website exists. If the search engines do not list your website then it becomes difficult for you to make your website and services known to a large number of people. You have to then use advertising in newspapers and magazines to promote your website.

Last but not the least, it is important to remember that Link Popularity is just one aspect of the whole Search Engine Optimisation process. You need to have good content with the right keywords so that your website ranks high on search engine pages.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basically comprises of a variety of techniques that ultimately help to push up your website in the search engine rankings. However, there is no single opinion or rule as to what works best. But there are some universally recognised techniques that can surely help you provide good results.

One of the most important thing is the keywords. You need to sit and do research so as to find out effective and highly specific keywords. You might use flashy keywords as they seem to be attractive, but they will not produce the required results. This is because online users are most likely to use common terms while searching for something on the Internet. Therefore you need to use precise keywords keeping in mind the most searched terms on the Web.

But this does not mean that simply filling the content with keywords will work wonders for you. Search engines are always on the lookout for websites that are updated regularly. So, you need to alter and optimize the content on your website regularly.

You cannot fool the search engines as they update their algorithms in order to keep a check on the unscruplous SEO methods used by some websites. Therefore you need to keep yourself updated about the latest changes in the search engine algorithms.

SEO is an ever-continuing process. You can either use SEO techniques for your website on your own or employ SEO experts to optimize your website.

Last but not the least, your core area of focus should be high conversion rate. So even if your website does not feature at the top on search engine rankings do not fret because at the end of the day high conversion is what matters.
Microsoft has launched Expression Studio 4, which is the newest version of Redmond’s professional design suite. Microsoft Expression Studio 4 will aid designers and web developers in building user interfaces for the Web, desktop, and devices. Expression Studio 4 has been designed in a way so that your work becomes much more simpler and organised.

The company has come up with three versions of Expression Studio 4: Web Professional, Premium, and Ultimate editions.
While the Web Professional version has features like the Expression Web, Design, and Encoder programs, the Expression Studio 4 Premium has an updation of the Blend feature. If we talk about the Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, then it has the latest version of SketchFlow.

Microsoft has made the Expression toolset even more attractive by adding the search engine optimisation feature to it. However, the toolset will not support a video codec that is being touted by Google as the doorway to an open media format effort.

Jon Harris, senior product manager for Expression Studio was quoted as saying, “The Web team has built a search engine optimization program to look at application design and code and make suggestions on changes that could enhance search engine optimization.”

The Expression tools that come in the three configurations of the suite are the: Web, for Web design; Blend, for UI design; Encoder, for video encoding; and Design, a tool for for building UI elements or graphics to be transferred to the Web or Blend tools.
How to increase your Conversion Rate?
If your website is getting an increased traffic but the sales are not picking up then you definitely need to push up your customer conversion rate. You have to encourage the customer to take the desired action and ultimately buy your product and services. So you need to discard the basic mistakes that are preventing the growth of your conversion rate.

We will give you some tips that can help you increase the conversion rate. Read on….
  1. You need to fully know your customer. Customer feedback is very important and needs to be taken seriously. If possible, there should be a 24X7 customer helpline that deals with the complaints and requests of your customers.
  2. Your pricing plans and tactics should be well in order. You need to convince the customer that why you are offering a particular product at a particular price. You should promote your business depending on the price range of the products that your company sells.
  3. The buying process should be made as simple as possible. There should be no long and tedious forms and procedures that irritate the customer and eventually discourage him from buying your product. Additional costs such as delivery charges etc should be clearly stated.
  4. Do not only focus on the design aspect of your website. Although it is imperative that your website is neatly designed, it is equally important to clearly develop the buying procedure too.

Just keep these few things in mind and you will surely notice a rise in the conversion rate of your website and the profits in your business!
Evolvement of Search Engines
During the recent years, Internet has grown manifold and thousands of pages are being added every second. Therefore, it becomes all the more imperative that there is some kind of proper indexing system.

Over the years there has been continuous progress in the way in which indexing is done. The first step in this regard was the development of “spiders”. These were the programs that crawled all through the Internet and stored the content of above 100 pages every second. The spiders used to start from some important site and then tracked down its entire links and then followed all the links from those sites, and the process continued.

The information collected is henceforth stored in a compact description on the company’s computers. This index includes the URLs, the words that appeared on the pages, and some other bits of information.

This means that when you type a query to search something, it’s actually the index that you are searching in and not the Internet.

Previously the search engines used to show the pages in the order that they were found. However, this system used to mostly bury the best matching query somewhere deep down in the rankings.

The next innovation was called the search algorithm. This is a method that tells how appropriately a page matches a query. But this method too failed to produce accurate results as web designers used to add deceptive terms in their titles to be ranked above in the search engines.

Further advancement led to the introduction of PageRank system in 1997. This idea was developed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. PageRank finds out how many pages link to the page that is being seen and how many sites link to those pages.

These days many techniques are used to sift out unwanted clutter. For instance, Google keeps on altering its algorithm twice or thrice daily.

Another way to guess what all pages you might be interested in seeing is called ‘Personalization’. Here the question of privacy creeps in as a search engine can have access to your browsing history, e-mail records and the documents on your computer.

Similarly, a search engine can also come up with search results that might be similar to the query that you typed in.

Therefore we can see that many new technologies have led to the improvement in the way search engines function and this has surely made life easier for the Internet user. ;
For an effective SEO strategy, there are quite a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. However, there is one particular component that is the most important, and it is called <title> tags.

<title> tags are of supreme importance because they serve the search engines as well as the online visitors. We often forget that search engines will be of no use without the people. Therefore, while building a website we should not ignore this aspect. So what basically need to be done? You should ideally create dynamic and descriptive <title> tags for each page of your site. This might sound quite difficult but it is not.

All the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing etc display a small description of the linked page after the visitor enters a search query. These are known as SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The online visitor can easily go through these results and what actually catch his attention are the titles. This is because they are bold, blue, and extremely distinguishable from the rest of the page. All these titles are basically created from the actual <title> tags on the pages of your website.

The contents of your <title> tags should keep on varying with every page. They should also convey what type of information exists on that particular page. Therefore, your titles should be appealing so that users are prompted to click on them.
Website designing is a creative job and not an easy job for sure! With the evolution of technology, web designers have a host of options at their disposal so it becomes even tougher to decide how you will use them wisely.

But you don’t have to worry. We will provide you with some practical tips that can help you design professional looking websites. Read on…
  1. Follow a single colour scheme throughout: Your website should have only one colour scheme on all the pages. Don’t attempt at changing colours on each and every page. Blue and white, yellow, grey and white are some of the popular colour schemes that are utilised.
  2. Provide a simple navigation system: Whenever you design a website, make sure that the visitor can easily browse through it. The visitors don’t have the time and patience to surf a complex website. If your website has a complex navigation system, the visitor will move on to the next website. Most of the websites have their navigation bar on the left side or at the top. It is also helpful for the visitor if you provide a navigation bar at the bottom of every page.
  3. Use limited special effects: It is not advisable to use too many special effects as the downloading time goes up and the actual content gets lost somewhere. Therefore minimise the use of special effects and use only where required.
  4. Background colour: The background colour should be such that the text written over it is easily readable. Dark colour should not be used for text if the background colour is also dark. Ensure that all your links are correct and easily visible to the online visitor.
  5. Site Map & Search Feature: If your website is very extensive and has too many pages, it is advisable to provide a site map or a “search” feature so that the visitor can easily find the information that he is looking for.
  6. Content is of supreme importance: No doubt every website should be well-designed and easy to use, but it is imperative to keep in mind that content is the king. Therefore, don’t neglect the content at the cost of designing a website.

Last but not the least, avoid too many pop-ups as they irritate the user. Try not to use flash intros and autoplay music as this does not add much to the website. You might end up actually losing the potential customer if you get involved in too many gimmicks.

The basic principle is : KEEP IT SIMPLE
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